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  • Can I book a on-off session?
    No. We only do monthly bookings. If you're interested in taking a space in one off our rooms though you can book a trial session.
  • What time are you open ?
    Our studio is private and self-access. If you wish to visit us please send us an email through our contact page to book an appointment. Our Menbers have 24/7 access to the rooms.
  • How do bookings work?
    Each menber can book up to 15h rehearsal per week. Those hours are FLEXIBLE : Our clients choose the hours they want to do every week on an online calendar. It's a mix of daytime and evening hours. The calendar allows bookings up to two weeks in advance.
  • How many sessions can I fit in week?How long are they?
    You can book up to 15h per week spread as you wish during the week (min 1h session).
  • Can I book evening sessions ?
    Each menber gets minimum 6H per week to book during the evening. A what's app group allows you to comunicate with the other menbers of your room to swap slots or take more evening slots if needed.
  • Is the studio safe ?
    The studio as a secured access ( keys + codes ) and CCTVs.
  • Can I pay for less than 15h ?
    No. we offer a 15 hours per week package to keep things simple and fair for all users of the studio.
  • How does the contract work?
    We only ask for one month deposit and one month leaving notice if you wish to leave.
  • is there a parking?
    There are two parking spaces at the front of the studio on a first come first serve basis. On street parking is free from 5:30pm every day.
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